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Information on attaining certificates:

State of Florida Birth Certificates

State of Florida Vital Records (birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc.)

To obtain a Birth Certificate in another state besides Florida.

To Obtain a Florida Birth Certificate
Please provide a signed letter, application or affidavit with the following information. Applications are accepted by mail, fax, phone or in person at the State Vital Statistics office in Jacksonville.

All letters or applications must include a copy of a PICTURE ID of the applicant and the signature and

All letters or applications must include a copy of a PICTURE ID of the applicant and the signature and relationship/eligibility must be stated.



Following information is required:

  • Full name at birth and any subsequent name
  • Date of birth
  • City or County of birth
  • Father's full name
  • Mother's full name including her maiden name

Mail, FAX, phone or bring your request and payment to the Office of Vital Statistics. (Orders may NOT be placed through this website)

Mailing address
Order form (PDF format - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Office of Vital Statistics
Attn: Customer Services
P.O. Box 210 
Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042
In person address Office of Vital Statistics
1217 Pearl St.
Jacksonville, FL  32202
 (lobby hours: M-F 8:30-4:30 EST)
Phone (904) 359-6900 extension 9000
M-F 8:00 - 5:00 EST
(Credit card orders will be accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1 (877) 550-7330 (automated voice system)
Order form (PDF format - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
If "Rush Service" ($10 2-3 days in house processing) is requested, dial 1(877)550-7428.    

 If rush service not requested, fax your request to 1(904)359-6633 (5-7 days in house processing).

For other States:

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