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“The FKOC provides an excellent opportunity for homeless people to get back on their feet and involved in the community.”
Jimmy Weekley, Former Mayor of Key West

“ I can attest to the excellence of the work being done by the FKOC and the dire need to aid the less fortunate in our community.”
Hon. Rick Roth, Monroe County Sheriff

“The main value of FKOC for me is knowing that we are not alone in trying to reach out to the homeless in our community.”
Rev. Paul Rasmus,
Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

“The work of the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition has not only benefited many individuals, but has benefited the community as a whole.
Hon. Mark Jones, Chief Circuit Judge

“I have been involved in this program since its beginning and have been extremely impressed with its quality and high standards.”
Marshall Wolfe, President
Care Center for Mental Health

“I can personally attest to the high quality of services provided by FKOC and its staff in their continuing effort to eradicate homelessness.”
Hon. Rosemary E. Enright, Public Defender

“In my capacity as State Attorney, I can attest to the excellence of the work being done by the Coalition. Not only has their work benefited many individuals, but it has also benefited the community as a whole.”
Hon. Mark E. Kohl, State Attorney

“I can attest to the beneficial work the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition carries out in the area of homelessness and residential programs throughout Monroe County (the Florida Keys). The agency has been actively and consistently involved in homeless outreach, advocacy, and provision of services for many years.”
Thomas J. Willi,
Monroe County Administrator

“FKOC’s professional, caring, and cost effective assistance allowed the City to effectively manage the homeless population problems and return many individuals back to productivity.”
John Jones,
Key West Assistant City Manager

“I offer my firm support for the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, an organization that has performed outstanding work on behalf of the homeless population of the City of Key West. The Outreach Coalition has been a terrific partner with the City.
Hon. Morgan McPherson,
Mayor, City of Key West


The FKOC, a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, supports its programs through local, state and federal grants, foundations, and corporate and private donations.

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