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Homelessness Prevention

Woman at a Homelessness Prevention meeting

Many in Monroe County, despite working full time, find themselves unable to meet all of their basic needs. Frequently referred to as “the working poor,” they are often educated & skilled individuals who, due to the high costs of living, are living paycheck to paycheck.

Additionally, many elderly are struggling with increased housing, food, & medical costs straining already limited budgets. Some of our most vulnerable community members find themselves making difficult choices between purchasing medications & keeping the electricity on, or making rental & utility payments.

Man at a Homelessness Prevention meeting

FKOC recognizes that there are situations where homelessness can be prevented from occurring all together through quick, cost-effective, interventions. FKOC’s Quick Assist Homelessness Prevention Program provides fast, one-time interventions designed to prevent homelessness by providing financial assistance for basic needs (including but not limited to; rental assistance, utility payments, childcare costs, work clothing, transportation for work, medical co-pay, prescription assistance, groceries) that could otherwise not be paid due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, reduced/lost employment, natural disaster, etc.

All clients are screened to ensure after assistance they will be able to maintain their budget successfully. Clients create an individualized budget with staff and receive ongoing follow up case management for 1 year. Eligible applicants must currently reside in Monroe County and (can) demonstrate a financial need; there is no age or household size restriction.

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