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The Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, Inc. offers a variety of shelter options including Emergency and Transitional shelter services, as well as Permanent Supportive Housing for individuals and families with special needs.

FKOC works diligently to reduce to barriers to service and to create housing environments that focus on helping individuals and families regain personal stability and financial independence. FKOC’s shelter programs offer a progressive approach that allows residents to build personal responsibility for their recovery from homelessness.

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FKOC understands that there are many unique causes of homelessness and many effective solutions. While no individual’s or family’s story is completely the same, FKOC has developed comprehensive programs that meet every individual’s need while also helping them build a network of support from others in our programs. FKOC uses program graduates as volunteers to create an environment of understanding and support.

FKOC housing facilities include:

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The William Neece Center for Recovery, an Emergency Shelter for Men that offers 24 beds on nightly basis. The structured, dormitory style housing allows a 90-day period to help secure employment, manage sobriety, apply for community resources, and develop an individual plan for recovery. The William Neece Center staff works closely with community partners to connect those recovering from homelessness with appropriate services through on-site classes and meetings, as well referral to partner agencies.

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FKOC’s Sun Houses offer Transitional Shelter for single men, single women, and families. For many the high costs of providing a first month, last month, and security deposit takes an extended period of time to save. Additionally, limited affordable housing options make finding subsidized housing more challenging. The Sun Houses offer those who need additional time in shelter services a safe and substance-free environment where they can learn, practice, and assimilate the necessary life skills for educational or vocational training, maintain stable employment, raise their children, and sustain themselves in permanent housing. The Sun Houses continue individual case management and group Life Skills Sessions.

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Understanding that permanent housing is one of our community’s greatest needs, FKOC has worked to develop Permanent Supportive Housing for both through individuals and families with special needs. FKOC’s Peacock Supportive Living provides permanent housing and essential services for homeless adults living with serious mental illness in order to maximize individual self-sufficiency, health and well-being, and community integration. FKOC further provides assistance to families with special needs through our Family Permanent Supportive Housing Program. These programs offer support and care to some of the most vulnerable in our community.

FKOC provides handicap accessible beds throughout our housing programs. FKOC continues to renovate and improve accessibility while meeting the housing and hunger needs of our community.

Those in need of shelter assistance are encouraged to call our outreach desk at 305-293-0641 to ensure they are being referred to the most appropriate program.